A commission starts with you

Every commission is unique and no one process fits all. However, the approach is the same for everyone; it all begins with you!

St Endellion

Read the story of the commission donated by the Friends of St Endellion.

Court Cup

Creating a court cup for the Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths.

Thorn EMI

Gifts commissioned by Sir Colin Southgate to commemorate the Thorn EMI demerger.

That magic moment!

The majority of commissions are private, often undertaken to celebrate a special event.


A Hallmark is the official mark certifying the fineness of metal. Alongside my makers mark ‘CFH’, it includes the assay office mark, the metal quality mark and the date letter signifying the year the mark is made.

  • Silver: 925 (sterling), 958 (Britannia), 999 (fine)
  • Gold: 375 (9 carat), 750 (18 carat), 916 (22 carat)
  • Platinum & Palladium: 950

What You Get

Before handing your commission over, it will be sent off to the Assay Office for hallmarking. On return, I give it the finishing touches.

A unique work recognisable worldwide as designed and created by Charles Hall.

  • Each order: designed and certified specifically for you